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Ross's Auctioneers are specialists in the Auction and Valuation of the following equipment:

Ross's offer a complete auction service from valuation of your surplus assets to marketing and the subsequent sale of the assets.

Ross's conduct regular auctions in our rooms and on-site with great success for our vendors. Ross's are recognised as trusted business partners by hundreds of Australian companies and it is our aim to provide an efficient and professional service to our customers.

Information Technology, Computers

Leaders inImage of a typical Information Technology & Computers auction. Computer Auctions

Ross's Auctioneers and Valuer's are the leading computer and information technology Auctioneers in Western Australia. Ross's hold regular computer auctions in their showrooms and have a dedicated area for computer auctions. Ross's sell hundreds of computers and components in each computer auction.

The computers range in age from near new to 3 years old and are sold on behalf of a number of vendors including leasing companies, major computer manufacturers and many more.

If you are looking for a computer bargain, Ross's is the place to find one, in each of their computer auctions you will find a wide range of computer related items. These include Personal Computers, monitors, servers, laser printers, notebook computers, assorted computer hardware and many hard to find items.

Inspection of the auction items is held the day before the auction. In attendance during inspection are Ross's trained I.T staff who are happy to assist prospective purchasers to test and see the computers working before they bid.

Ross's list all items for auction in their catalogue for the buyers convenience, this list includes accurate descriptions on the equipment such as Make and Model, CPU speed, RAM and Hard Drive size and any accessories.

Ross's also maintain a database of clients through e-mail, through this service catalogues are e-mailed to those on the list the day before inspection, this information has proved very popular with their clients, if you wish to be added to the list, simply fill in the on-line form.

Ross's also offer the opportunity to sell your surplus computer items through their professionally conducted auctions. Ross's are currently accepting for auction the following items: Monitors, Personal Computers, laser printers and assorted hardware.

For further information on this service please call Kevin Grickage Ross's Auctions: (08) 9258 3037 or e-mail.

Mining, Plant & Machinery

Image of a typical Mining, Plant & Machinery auction.

Ross's Sales & Auctions are involved in all facets of Mining equipment auctions. Our professional staff are capable of the valuation and auction sale of all Mining related equipment. Ross's auction site in Kalgoorlie, is situated in the heart of Western Australia's mining centre. Ross's commitment to providing a complete auction service is represented by our service to the mining industry.



Vehicles - Trucks, passenger and light commercials

Image of a typical Vechicles, Trucks, Passenger & Light Commercials auction.

Ross's hold regular auctions for Motor vehicles, both at our Welshpool complex in Perth, Our Kalgoorlie Auction Complex and our Karratha Auction Sale Yard. Also on-site and clearance auctions at vendors own premises. Regular auctions are conducted for a number of recognised organisations such as BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Rio Tinto, Hamersely Iron, Robe River, Water Corporation, Western Power, Telstra, Main Roads Department and many fleet operators.

The complete service offered by Ross's Auctions is second to none in Western Australia. Ross's service for motor vehicles include Recovery, Valuations, Detailing & Cleaning of auction vehicles, Cataloguing of vehicles, Marketing, Auction Sale, Payment & Delivery. Motor Vehicles auctions performed by Ross's Auctions are well attended and our service to both vendors and customers is recognised as one of the most professional and efficient in Western Australia. Ross's auction vehicles on behalf of numerous commercial vendors, however private vendors are welcome to submit vehicles into our motor vehicle auctions at our complex.


Insurance, Liquidation

Ross's are tImage of a typical Insurance & Liquidation auction.he preferred auctioneer for a number of local and national insurance companies. Insurance items for auction include a variety of items such as motor vehicles, whitegoods, machinery and furniture. These items will vary in condition from 'as new' with only damaged packaging through to items which are valued as scrap only.

Ross's are the preferred auctioneer for several major accounting and insolvency practitioners. This is shown in our valuation and auction experience with recent major administrations including One.Tel Ltd, HIH Insurance, NewTel Ltd, Ansett Australia Ltd and many more


Catering, Deli and Hotel Equipment

Catering eImage of a typical Catering, Deli & Hotel Equipment auction.quipment is constantly flowing through our showrooms, we hold regular auctions for this equipment with great success for our vendors. The category of Catering equipment covers a wide variety of items which are associated with the catering and food industry. There is always a constant supply of items from areas such as: supermarket and deli equipment, cafe and restaurant items, food processing, butcher shop items and many more. Catering auctions are held every two to three weeks in our showrooms, items which are prevalent in these auctions include: Food processing equipment, tables, chairs, refrigeration such as display fridges, cold displays, cool rooms, counter units, cutlery, crockery, stainless steel equipment, signage, audio-visual items and much more.


Office Furniture, Electrical Items

Ross'sImage of a typical Office Furniture & Electrical Items auction. regular office furniture auctions are popular with the general public due to the variety of office furniture and equipment which we auction on a regular basis. The following items are usually included in our office furniture auction: Melamine & Timber desks, gas lift office chairs, reception chairs, reception counters, photocopiers, printers, filing cabinets, shelving units, drafting boards, plan cabinets, stationery cabinets and much more.


New Household Furniture

This is Image of a typical New Household Furniture auction.yet again another popular category with auction buyers, new leather furniture at bargain prices is hard to resist, especially when the buyers are saving hundreds, if not thousands off retail prices.

Due to demand in this category, Ross's endeavour to find buyers the best items at the best prices, whether the items are ex-liquidation (i.e. a furniture business has closed) or through distributors quitting their excess stocks.


Timber, Hardware & Building Supplies

Image of a typical Timber, Hardware & Building Supplies auction.

Ross's conduct monthly Timber auctions at our auction complex with hundreds of packs of timber being sold in each auction. A great variety of timber is offered in each auction including Dressed Jarrah, Pine, Jarrah Flooring, Weatherboard, Timber Skirting, Timber Pickets, Pine and Jarrah slabs, Balustrading and much more.

The timber being auctioned is from a variety of sources including liquidation stock, insurance claim timber, excess stocks and more.

Hospital and Laboratory Equipment

RosImage of a typical hospital auction lot.s's are the preferred service provider for a number of Western Australia's major hospitals. We auction a wide variety of ex-hospital equipment including: hospital beds, bedside cabinets, surgical instruments, dental equipment, sterilisation units, theatre lighting, medical cabinets, uniforms and much more.



Electrical appliances and white goods

Image of a typical Electrical Appliances & White Goods auction.

Domestic electrical equipment is a popular auction category with buyers. Often buyers can save hundreds of dollars off retail price when buying new white goods through auction. These items include: Fridges, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, televisions, VCRs, video cameras, telephones, microwaves.

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